A Time for Pride – Our Condolences to Those Affected by the Orlando Shooting

Like many of my friends and colleagues, whether they identify as LGBT, or as allies, I have been horrified and saddened by the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando this past weekend. We have witnessed the ugly intersection of terrorism and hatred toward our community.

We remember in our hearts our sisters and brothers who were targeted simply for being LGBT in Orlando. It is an all-too-real reminder that our struggle for equality and acceptance remains an uphill battle, despite amazing legal and social victories.

On behalf of the Colorado LGBT Bar Association, I would like to express my deepest condolences to those affected by the Orlando shooting over the weekend. Our love, thoughts, and prayers are with you.

June is our month of Pride. It is a time where our community traditionally gathers in solidarity to celebrate who we are and bring awareness of our lives to the greater public. May we not be overcome by fear of those who senselessly wish to harm us. I encourage our Colorado LGBT Bar Association members and allies to attend PrideFest this weekend. May we take this opportunity to celebrate our community and remember the thousands who have given their lives in the name of LGBT rights across America and around the world.

Bryon M. Large, President
Colorado LGBT Bar Association
June 13, 2016


The Colorado Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender (“GLBT”) Bar Association is a voluntary professional association of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender attorneys, judges, paralegals and law students and allies who provide a GLBT presence within Colorado’s legal community.  We exist to promote the recognition of civil and human rights; promote sensitivity to legal issues faced by the GLBT community; assure the fair and just treatment of members of the GLBT community; provide opportunities for GLBT attorneys, judges, and law students and allies to interact in a professional setting; build alliances with other minority bar associations and legal organizations; and enhance the practice and professional expertise of lawyers who serve or who are members of the GLBT community.

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